1 Dec 2017

My 2018 Pinup Calendar is now available to order online. Please, remember I only order a limited number of copies and they may sell out as they did last year.

Click here to order a copy.


27 Jul 2017

Wow!! I cannot even put into words how excited and proud I am to release my second annual magazine. I'm still completely overwhelmed by the amount of orders I have received - you guys and dolls are super awesome! The cover image and main featured set were shot by Nicola, My Boudoir Photography. It was my first opportunity to work with Nicola after following her incredible work for years! Nicola is based in Manchester and has been one of the most popular and longest-running pin-up and boudoir photographers in the UK. So it was safe to say I was delighted to have the opportunity to shoot wit...

1 Jul 2017

Back by popular demand! The all new and improved Kultur magazine is back and guess who happens to be their cover model! I was delighted when I heard the news and couldn't wait to buy my copy. Released for June 2017, issue 49 included my very naughty set shot by Claire Seville. This set was my first ever shoot with Claire, and I was blown away by how incredible the images were. Claire is easily one of the loveliest photographers I have ever met, and I enjoyed our shoot together. We have another set due to be released later this year - so stay tuned!

22 May 2017

Military Mistress! Yasss! I've got another cover with the world famous Delicious Dolls Magazine! I feel so blessed to be able to contribute to the industry and to be rocking my curves in this military-inspired image. You can purchase a copy of the military issue via the link below: http://deliciousdollsmagazine.com/product/may-2017-se-military-heather-valentine/ Who likes military pin-up? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

When Hollywood comes a knocking, my list of iconic women is as long as my arm. My fans are always asking where I draw inspiration and are often surprised when I tell them that I love modern pin-up just as much as the classic styles. Right now modern pin-up is buzzing, and these girls make the top of my “ones to watch” list. Emily Doll Emily Doll, from Oklahoma, USA, is the embodiment of her name. "The Vintage Doll’, as Emily is more commonly known, has built a strong community over the last 6 years and her passion and dedication to Pin-up and Rockabilly have secured her place as one of...

Every girl loves to feel good, right? After all, we all need a confidence boost from time to time, and the chance to feed our alter egos and explore our multifaceted selves. For me, the world of pin-up is my form of escapism, allowing me to celebrate my individuality and experiment with a whole host different looks. But that’s not all, if you’ve ever wanted to feel like a movie star for the day or step out of your comfort zone in order to feel sexy and empowered, you should definitely consider trying pin up! Of course, I live and breathe all things pinup but I truly believe that a participa...

It’s fair to say that everyone loves a Selfie, right? After all, we’re all guilty of It’s fair to say that everyone loves a Selfie, right? After all, we’re all guilty of shamelessly whipping out our smartphone at any opportunity to snap the perfect shot! From finding the right angle, lighting and of course, perfecting that perfectly poised raised eyebrow and sideways smile, there really is an art to a trend that is taking over all aspects of our life. Now a global phenomenon, the smartphone self-portrait that we have all come to know and love, is now a huge part of our daily lives! And you on...

Famous Pinups - What do they all have in common? There really is no denying that pinup is all about sporting two defining looks – cute and sexy. It’s all about embracing your inner tease and having the confidence to wear cute, playful, and alluring looks, whilst nailing those revealing poses that have become synonymous with the industry. From Hollywood glamour to vintage boudoir, having the confidence to embrace a sexy, sassy and fierce look is one of the job’s requirements. And, apart from variation of outfits and poses, there really isn’t much more to it. Of course, just because the major...

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