It’s fair to say that I’m addicted to pinup. And, since the beginning of my wonderful pinup journey, I’ve always been crazy about vintage artist Gil Elvgren. This is mainly because his illustrations are so full of heart warming colour and character that I can’t help but be completely captivated by them.

Drawn from actual photographs, Gil’s girls were created with smaller waists, bigger breasts, and more prominent facial features … in the modern world this is now Photoshop!

This is the newest addition to my Elvgren collection inspired by ‘Colette’ 1957. This image was created by Si from The Pinup Academy. As always, my hair and makeup was perfectly styled by October Divine.

Below is my first ever Gil Elvgren recreation. Inspired by Lola “Sitting Pretty” from 1955, this reverse pose replica was shot by DollHouse Photography.

The following boudoir image is a recreation of Elvgren’s “Suzette” from 1956. During this shoot, I remember having to stick my robe, earrings, and shoes to my body with wig tape (honestly, you wouldn’t believe some of the things I need to do to ensure that I always look my best!) This image was also shot by Doll House Photography.

Below is another image from one of my first few pinup photo shoots - my love for Gil Elvgren’s art was apparent from the beginning. This is our version of “Smoke Screen” from 1958. I mean who doesn’t fan their BBQ with their petty coat whilst flashing their under garments?

I remember having to flick my skirt continuously until we snapped the exact shot with a flash of my stockings - it’s a lot of hard work but nailing the perfect shot makes it all worth it! I can’t explain the buzz I get when the photographer gives me the thumbs up, there really is nothing better than knowing that you’ve done a good job!

The image above is from my second shoot with The Pinup Academy in June 2015. I loved shooting this seductive boudoir recreation of “Corrine” from 1960. It’s so much fun to bring to life such beautiful images and be able to keep them alive today. Gil’s images vary from cute playful cheesecake to alluring classic boudoir, allowing me to build a varied portfolio whilst following work I adore.

I think this next image has to be my most popular Gil Elvgren recreation to date - and one of my favourites! Not only did it receive an overwhelming response when I posted it on social media but the amount of print orders I received far exceed that of any of my other Elvgren inspired images.

The next image is inspired by “Taking A Chance” from 1962. We improvised on the outfit and added a little modern DollHouse spin on it. I found this shot quite challenging as turning whilst holding my arms out and arching my back was rather uncomfortable. It’s not the first and I’m sure it’s not the last back breaking pose I’ll be in whilst trying to achieve the perfect pinup image!

This last Elvgren reproduction was created for my 2016 Calendar and was adequately placed in sunny August. It's based on the illustration “Oh No” from 1968. Again, Dollhouse and I added our own modern twist with a pesky seagull instead of a cute dog.

My hair and makeup was professionally styled by Zanett, DollHouse’s number one stylist, for my calendar shoot. This is a particular favourite of mine as it features my most popular asset!

I’m sure it’s no surprise when I say I have a few more Elvgren-inspired images planned for the future – I really just cant help myself when it comes to appreciating Elvgren’s work!

Which Elvgren image do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below :)

Heather xoxo

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