I came across the Vintage Pinup Studio whilst scrolling through Facebook one evening. I’m forever exploring my social media platforms for new ideas and pinup news, but I also find the digital world a great place to make new connections! After all, there really is no other platform that allows you to connect and engage with so many people from the same industry.

And, after finding the Vintage Pinup Studio, I instantly loved their style of vintage photography and didn’t hesitate to message them about a photo shoot.

They explained that they loved shooting Hollywood glamour style and luckily for me, this was one of the reasons I wanted to book a shoot with them in the first place. I just love the classic black and white film star look and couldn’t wait to shoot my own.

I felt like such a Diva being late for my shoot with Paulina but I’m sure it will come as no surprise to hear that I was also over 30 minutes late to my shoot with the Vintage Pinup Studio - oh dear! They’re based in Portsmouth and, after tackling a two-hour drive and lots of unexpected road works, unfortunately there was nothing I could do.

Travelling around the country for shoots is a huge part of the job and it’s inevitable that, from time to time, you will find yourself battling through heavy traffic or facing some transport fiasco! A smile and an apology when you arrive on set always does the trick! And I’ve learnt to always leave extra time, and lots of it.

Clive and Michelle were adorable from the moment I got there. I felt so welcome and, as soon as I stepped into the studio, Michelle started making cups of tea whilst Clive was showing me a-round. Michelle did all the hair and make -up for shoots whilst Clive was the photographer - a perfect little team.

Clive took inspiration from a book about vintage and Hollywood photography and specialised in using authentic lighting methods to create perfect replica images from the 1940s and 1950s. From the moment I met him, I just knew that the images were going to be great and I wasn’t wrong!

The next day, I received an email from the Vintage Pinup Studio with all the images from our shoot. Even though they were yet to be retouched, I was absolutely blown away! It’s like I’d been taken back in a time machine with all the images possessing that vintage glow.

I have so many images from this shoot that I cannot wait to share with you all. I’ve selected my favourites for this feature and I’m sure you’ll agree they’re just divine.

I have a few saucy images with a whip waiting to be published in the Delicious Dolls Bettie Page themed magazine. One thing’s for sure, I would definitely love to do another shoot with The Vintage Pinup Studio soon and would certainly recommend them – they were just great!

Here is a little selfie I took whilst at the Vintage Pinup Studio! For more selfies follow me on Instagram.

To see the rest of the images from our shoot check out my portfolio www.heathervalentine.uk/gallery

What do you guys and dolls thing to this style? Would you do a Hollywood Glamour inspired shoot? Comment below and let me know :)

Heather xx


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