On Saturday 9th April, I took part in Glifting, a fitness event held in Bristol. The categories included the usual fitness, bikini, and physique rounds but also included some more diverse rounds such as the Pinup, Tattoo, Mum’s, and fashion. And of course, I took part in the pinup round!

I didn’t really think about the event until the week before and, to be honest, I was pretty relieved as sometimes it’s all too easy to overthink these things. Due to the fact that I was limited on time, I also decided to wear something I already had and not to purchase anything new. My preparation literally consisted of a walking practice and my usual posing in front of the mirror!

For me, sometimes lack of preparation helps to keep my nerves at bay with the whole ‘out of sight out of mind’ notion.

Come Friday afternoon, I saw an update on Facebook from the event organiser … followed by comments from girls who were competing the next day and before I knew it I’d scoped them all out and my confidence plummeted. Regardless of my posing prep, hair/makeup disasters, and wardrobe problems, I had a sudden realisation that I was going to be the ‘fattest’ person on stage! I mean, I’m perfect for pinup but sure as hell look out of place at a fitness physique competition. I was far from being in the best shape since my minor surgery last year, not to mention competitions like this are based on stage presence and flow of poses etc. How could I strut my stuff with that thought in my head? Panic stepped in and a self-doubt overload sent me over the edge! I actually was going to pull out and not bother.

That evening I posted this little update on my Facebook basically explaining my horrendous lack of confidence.

I received so many lovely comments and messages of support that kept me going until the next day. On the morning of the event, I was hugely distracted by having to do my pinup hair and makeup that I didn’t really think about things until I arrived at the venue.

I started panicking and went to the bathroom to calm myself down, that didn’t work so I knew it was time to crack open the wine! Alcohol did its job and I was chatting away to the girls and waiting for the show to start. We all had plenty of time to practice our posing so by the time I hit the stage I had some idea of what I was supposed to be doing!

It felt like forever but eventually we were called up for the pinup round! The few moments on the side of the stage were nerve wrecking as the guy back stage was overloading me with position information.

However, as soon as I walked on stage I felt as cool as a cucumber! I couldn’t really hear what the compare was saying, I just heard Neyo - Miss Independent, a song that took me back to my party days!

I must have been a teeny bit nervous because after I watched it back, I realised I was rushing through my moves a bit. I was so HAPPY that I did my little show and went snap chat crazy back stage!

The awards were next, something I’d completely forgotten about! I was just happy to have been there and to have represented the pinup world, never mind actually win anything. When they called out Lucy as the runner up, I actually thought they had called the Winner, it wasn’t until I was given the black sash that I realised I had won! I’ve been ecstatic ever since.

Here is a little selfie I took with my trophy! For more selfies and behind the scenes visit my Instagram profile.

Event :: Glifting Girls Model Show

Category :: Best Pin Up Model

Photographer :: Matt Marsh


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